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HP41 program storage - Jay - 11-03-2002

Is there a method of writing and reading an HP41 program using the HP-IL module to an RS-232 port connected to an IBM-PC, so it can be recalled into calculator memory?
I am looking to replace my aged cassette tapes and card reader with storage on a CD-R, so I'd like to find something equivalent to WRTP and READP that would work over the RS-232 link. Perhaps a binary image could be written using synthetic programming and the PPC-ROM?

Re: HP41 program storage - Emmanuel, France - 11-03-2002

Yes. You can use the Extended I/O HP82183A. The functions INP and OUTP are made for that. I use mine with an HP82169A IL/IB interface and HP82335A on PC. I recover or send data to/from PC using HP Interactive HP-IB software. But with HP82164 RS232c interface, you can use Win 3.1 Terminal.exe, Procomm, ...

Re: HP41 program storage - Jay - 11-03-2002

Many thanks for the tip on using INP and OUTP!
My IL knowledge is pretty rusty after 15 years of neglect, but I have the Extended I/O HP82183A, an HP62160A IL module, a HP82164A RS-232 unit, and even have a copy of Procomm!

Re: HP41 program storage - Emmanuel, France - 11-03-2002

First set your HP82164A and Procomm lines correctly
Please refer to the interface user's manual.
On PC by Alt P, enter for instance 11 (9600,N,8,1), choose you COM port, ...
Saving to PC:
On PC, down 2x arrow (DOWNLOAD), 7) ASCII, File Name, ENTER
On HP-41, ALPHA program name ALPHA XEQ'OUTP
Getting from PC:
On HP-41, ALPHA program name ALPHA XEQ'INP
On PC, up 2x arrow (UPLOAD), 7) ASCII, File Name, ENTER
To be continued ...

Re: HP41 program storage - Jay - 11-03-2002

Hi Emmanuel,
Well, I have some success to report, using Procomm or Hyperterminal I can capture a hex file version of a program by using the command OUTP. However, INP shows READ ERR on the 41c. Any suggestions?

Re: HP41 program storage - Emmanuel, France - 11-03-2002

I think the buffer of HP82164A is too small. Please take a speed under 9600. Try 4800, 2400, 1200, 600 and worst 300. Let me know if OK.

Re: HP41 program storage - Chris(FLA) - 11-03-2002

You might want to turn on flow control on both ends.

This is text from Tony Duell's lifutils hardware setup instructions.

Configuring the interfaces

On the PC, turn off buffering and enable hardware handshaking:

On the HP41, load the SETRS program and run it to set the HP82164
interface to hardware handshake mode and to make it the primary device.
A binary file of this program is given in hardware/setrs.p41 in the
lif_utils distibution, and is given as a listing below :

0001 LBL "SETRS"
0002 66
0005 CF 17
0007 "SL2"
0008 OUTA
0009 "LI5"
0010 OUTA
0011 "C0"
0012 OUTA
0014 END

Give this a try. I use my PC with Linux and Tony's lifutils as my storage system for my 41 and 71. Works a treat.

Good luck


Re: HP41 program storage - Jay - 11-03-2002

I dropped the speed of the interface to 300 baud, and now see GOTO, PACKING, TRY AGAIN when I try to receive the hex file.
Both sides of the RS-232 interface are set at 300, N, 8, 1.
The file I'm trying to receive is 79 lines. The HP41C is empty of programs, has a quad memory module, and I executed SIZE 050, and did a GOTO, PACKING, prior to attempting to receive the file.

Re: HP41 program storage - Emmanuel, France - 11-03-2002

You have not enough place in your program memory.
If you have a X-Functions please SAVEP one of your program and then CLP it in program memory. Later you'll GETP it.

Re: HP41 program storage - Jay - 11-04-2002

Looks like the problem with INP is I'm getting a corrupted download. I tried importing a much smaller hex file at 300 baud, N, 8, 1, the SETRS program that Chris gave as an example (Thanks Chris!), and a few lines were received ok, but there were numerous extra lines with extraneous commands.
I'm at least getting something across the wire, so will try a 7-bit xfer next.
Thanks for all the help!