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WP 34s flashing service - Michael Fehlhammer - 12-10-2012

I would like to add IR printing capability to my 34s. Lately I bought a caculator with the real time hardware preinstalled (but not the IR diode), and it shows a version number of 3.1T 3303. Now I wonder if this ROM version already provides printing functionaliy, or if my calculator needs to be flashed after installation of the IR diode. I've learned that it's almost impossible to get flashing cables (or are there any good news?). So I need someone who could do the flashing (if necessary) for me, preferably a person or company from Germany or "nearby". Of course I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for the service. Can anyone help?

Re: WP 34s flashing service - Walter B - 12-10-2012

Please see p. 38 of the manual, then follow the hyperlinks. Yes, your WP 34S will need flashing.

With respect to flashing cables 'old style' (see p. 147f), you may contact Gene Wright and ask if he still got one. Contacting him seems to be nontrivial for whatever reason(s), however.

If you have the IR diode and resistor installed, I can do the flashing for you if you want me to - provided you pay the postage. Just drop me an email via the Museum Mail.


Re: WP 34s flashing service - Michael Fehlhammer - 12-10-2012

Hello Walter,

thank you for your offer and quick answer! I'll send you a personal email.

Re: WP 34s flashing service - Paul Dale - 12-11-2012

You will need to reflash. The printing commands are present in all images but they do nothing useful except from the IR image. This was done to maintain binary code compatibility between the different 34S firmware revisions.

- Pauli

Re: WP 34s flashing service - Michael Fehlhammer - 12-12-2012

Ah, I see, thank you for the explanation. I already wondered why there are printing functions listed in my T-version of the operating system.