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OT: to support the polls - Alex S - 12-06-2012

Dear all,

there are quite some polls in the forum right now.

Sometimes I see messages of missed votes, unclarities, manually drafted overviews of intermediate or final results, etc.

To get over this, doodle can be used:

Originally it used for finding a date/time among a group of several people. But simple polls are also fine.

These are the steps:

  1. Optionally change the language at the very left bottom of the screen to the one you like
  2. Schedule an event (Title, Description, E-mail address), Next
  3. time proposals (free text)
  4. enter option 1, option 2, etc. as free text, Next
  5. optionally adjust the settings, Next, Finish

The Participation Link can be posted in the forum, the Administration Link is used to adapt and finally close the poll.


  • one place for truth
  • transparent, open
  • everybody can contribute using the participants link
  • optionally the participants can add comments
  • still the forum can be used for discussing
  • the e-mail address is only needed for the admin link being send to the organiser; no account needs to be created
  • the organiser can close the poll after the votes have been done

I couldn't resist to create an example for the current poll :-)

    Participation link
Send this link to anyone you wish to invite.

Administration link
Access this link to change, close or delete this poll.

Just play with it. It won't do any harm and is only for illustrative purposes.

Best regards,


Not at all I am connected with Doodle AG.

Re: OT: to support the polls - Maximilian Hohmann - 12-06-2012


The way you set up your test poll makes it possible to submit more than one vote. It is quite some time ago that I used Doodle and I don't remember if that can be changed. What I remember is that you get drowned in emails, especially as administor, that's why we stopped using Doodle and returned to normal emails.


Edited: 6 Dec 2012, 8:05 a.m.

Re: OT: to support the polls - Alex S - 12-07-2012

Hi Maximilian,

I started by doing a search for "doodle" within the forum - not to annoy with obvious and already discussed and decided topics. I did not found something, so I came up with this idea for improvement.

The way you set up your test poll makes it possible to submit more than one vote.

One can customize the poll by clicking "Participant can only choose one option" within the settings of the poll. I changed it for my Ramones-Poll example and now the checkboxes for each option are radio buttons.

...you get drowned in emails, especially as administor...

There is also an option "Inform me about further participants, comments and any other events in this poll." underneath "Notifications". By unclicking that should be solved as well.

I think the advantages exceed by far. But I also think everybody decides on his/her own.

Best regards,


Re: OT: to support the polls - Walter B - 12-07-2012

Hi Alex,

please see my remark here.