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Matte-finished emblem of HP-15C - M Habl - 11-28-2012

The collector's corner states that both highly reflective glossy silver and matte-finished silver logos have been used during the production of the voyager series. However, sample pictures are available on the net just for the metallic-reflective emblems, compare HP Forum: Voyager hp-15c logo gone missing..

I am wondering about the material of the logo of this 1988s device:

The rough darkish logo looks like it has been stamped into silver epoxy at fabrication. Is this a consequence of degradation or has HP just economized a high-quality finish during the late production years?

Re: Matte-finished emblem of HP-15C - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 11-29-2012

Are you sure this is a genuine emblem?

There is silver paint inside the "C" ark, that hints at a manual painting of the emblem...

Maybe created by rapid prototyping or a self-made negative-positive mold.

Re: Matte-finished emblem of HP-15C - Randy - 12-01-2012

The original emblems where die cast zinc with chrome plate finish. The later parts, of which your photo is one, is molded black plastic which was then finished with silver paint. Your emblem shows the typical signs of wear to the edges of the painted areas from being inserted and removed from the slip case.

Re: Matte-finished emblem of HP-15C - M Habl - 12-01-2012

The material consists of silver flakes, indeed:

However, according to a resistance measurement it is not a matter of conductive silver epoxy. Some of the abraded material obviously adheres to the bottom of the plastic nuts.

Did the early emblems consist completely of zinc or did HP use the same molded black plastic piece as footing? Has the painted version been invented as it is after all more hard-wearing than the glossy logos? Unfortunately, no spare emblems reached the market within the scope of the reissued limited edition of 2011.