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hacking the hp 17bii+ - David Griffith - 11-27-2012

I took a closer look at the hp 17bii+ and noticed that the display appears to be dot-matrix. Has anyone involved with the wp34s project considered porting their code to this calculator? I'd love to see an exacting replica of the hp42s come out of a marriage like this.

Re: hacking the hp 17bii+ - Thomas Radtke - 11-27-2012

Unless HP changed the design, the firmware is in ROM, not Flash :-(.

Re: hacking the hp 17bii+ - Walter B - 11-27-2012

David, that topic was discussed here more than once since the launch of the 17bii+ Silver. Tim confirmed it's a masked ROM design (or something similar - anyway: it can't be reconfigured) :-( But there may be a better alternative - stay tuned :-)