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Celestial Navigation Pacs or "firmware" - Al - 11-26-2012

There was such an item available for the HP 48 series calcuators, at least for some of them.

Are such items available for the HP 50G and or will the 48 series Nav Pac run, without problems, on the current HP 50G.

I imagine that the thing would have come on an SD card, or perhaps some form that could be loaded onto a computer, then transfered to a 48 series calculator, or in my case, to a 50G.

Anyone know where one might find the referenced Nav Pac?

Re: Celestial Navigation Pacs or "firmware" - Bart (UK) - 11-26-2012


Perhaps you are referring to the "Sparcom Celestial Navigation Pac"? It used to be on a card for the 48SX/GX. It is now available on HPCalc.org: http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=7082

Please see the README file for important information, among other on installing the library on Port 0 of the 50g.

Re: Celestial Navigation Pacs or "firmware" - Al - 11-26-2012


You might be correct, I'm not certain for I've not seen the actual thing. I did come upon a reference to it a while back at fer3.com a web site that deals with celestial navigation. One guy had one or two of the things that he was giving away. At the time I didn't have any sort of calculator that could run the thing, so I didn't ask for one. Such is life.

As for this Sparcom program, I've seen references to it and downloaded a copy of the manual, but could never contact the company itself, if one exists, supposedly it was/is located in Corvallis, Oregon.

Anyhow, I now have a 50G, and was, as I said, curious as to the availability of the thing, and also whether or not it would run on a 50G, the program originally ran on the 48 series calculator, assuming that I can figure out how to run the 50G I have.

Re: Celestial Navigation Pacs or "firmware" - Luiz C. Vieira (Brazil) - 11-26-2012


In the page pointed by the link you will read this:

The package contains a dump of the original card for use in HP 48 emulators or on a memory card, the port of the software to the 49/50 as a library, and the scanned manual as a PDF. The dump is compatible with the 48SX/48GX; the library is compatible with the 49g+/50g.
Text enhancement for stressing information purposes only.


Luiz (Brazil)

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