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Repairing card reader for HP41C - Anonymous - 10-28-2002

I would like to know if somebody can help me to repair a card reader for my dear old HP41C. I really have not the time to do that. Can somebody make me a proposition ???
It seems to be a little bit "gummy" and always displays MALFUNCTION.

I would like to know if the card reader can work fine in the HP41C supplied just with an external DC supply pack?
What will be the peak current ? Because I have no more battery. And I dont want to use electric piles.


Re: Repairing card reader for HP41C - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 10-28-2002


have you read this article or this one? If not, they're good starting references.

Anyway, were are you? Depending on your location, you'll find someone closer to you that will be able to offer repair. Also, describing the symptoms a bit better would help. I could try, but you're probably not in Brazil, are you?


Re: Repairing card reader for HP41C - Frédéric ALBERT (from France) - 10-29-2002

You're right. I'm in France. In Europe now.

It is a little bit delicate for me, because I have been already in contact with somebody posting often on this forum which proposed me a package containing exactly the copy of these two documents (maybe with a translation in French) with two "well calibrated" O-rings for the moderate sum of 25 euros (today 1 euro is 1.0161 US dollar). I was a little bit suprised !!!! Maybe I was wrong, and I'm really ready to admit that if you think it is the right price.

I'm sure that this man will understand I'm speaking about him. And really I prefer not to be in contact with such person. It's very clear for me that I will not and never give you anything allowing you to know who he is.

I am doubtless a little bit artless to believe it, but I was believing that the community of the HPmuseum was a good community providing help for people needing help in any domains concerning HP calculators. It's clear that I do not make a generalization, because it is the beginning of racism, discrimination and hatred. It is possible that I'm just idealistic a little to believe that things can have a right price (I really hate the market economy).

Well, my problem is always the same. My father offered me an HP41C after my Baccalaureat en 1989. I really appreciate using this calculator for many reasons ..... but I do not trust maybe enough me to begin such a repair alone.

Thanks for any help.