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HP39GII Connectivity - Charles C(UK) - 11-04-2012

By looking at this forum:


I discovered that a partially functional release of the missing HP39GII connectivity kit is available for download at:


With the kit installed on my laptop I was able to update my firmware to a 4th of September 2012 version, which has many improvements over the buggy version that shipped with the calculator back in June.

My calculator is reluctant to shake hands with the lap top but pulling and reconnecting the USB cable eventually gets the link to come up.

Re: HP39GII Connectivity - Olivier De Smet - 11-07-2012

The new rom has still some bugs:

- in stat apps, try to put some data and then try to change the regression mode of S2 in 'symbolic' view' then scroll down to change S3 -> CRASH, soft reset needed

- the connectivity kit is still in beta ? I can not see the calc in windows 7 64, even if I succeed in upgrading the firmware

- in windows xp 32, I saw the calc, tried to edit a prog -> 'memory full' error message from windows, I need to kill the app, and further re-launch could not see the calc anymore. It even lock once the calc (need to remove battery to regain control)