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Series 80 UCSD Pascal - Juergen Keller - 10-22-2012

In a Series 80 brochure I saw that there was a UCSD Pascal system for the HP-86/87 (part no. HP 82825A to 82829A). If I understood correctly, it was software only, no additional module required. I've searched series80.org and hpmuseum.net, but didn't found that software. Does anybody have a copy of the HP UCSD Pascal system?

Re: Series 80 UCSD Pascal - Namir - 10-22-2012

I bought an HP-87 and the UCSD-Pascal at the time. It ran its own OS. I was not super impressed with that system (it ran separate from the native HP-87 OS) as I was on the earlier incarnation for the Apple ][+ and the IBM PC-XT (Yes I had UCSD-Pascal for all these three system). I hooked up with Pascal on DOS when Turbo Pascal came out in 1983.


Found It - Juergen Keller - 10-23-2012

Found disk images here for the HP-87:

Hewlett-Packard Series 80 - Software

Thank you, John!

I've also found a short article about the HP UCSD p-System (see near the end of the PDF file).

What I did not found yet is some time to delve into this software. However, that's just a matter of time ... ;-)

Re: Found It - Olivier De Smet - 10-23-2012

For a better UCSD experience you can use an accelated HP86:


But you need an fpga board :)

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