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41 System DEMO Module - Update - Ángel Martin - 10-21-2012

The Module is done, and about to get posted once the final testing is completed (Thanks to Sylvain for that).

There is a lot of available space in page#4 that ideally could get used up. I found a suitable program, a Video Interface Demo from PPCCJ V9N8 by Richard Nelson no less. I tried to read the bar codes provided but my wand seems to be sitting in its last leg and didn't manage - so the module it's going out without it (sorry, I don't have the stamina to key it in - got no video interface and it's my least-favorite device), unless of course somebody would do the honors and provide a RAW file for it (or any other suitable candidate).


Edited: 21 Oct 2012, 7:30 a.m.