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28S Pi Functionality - Matt Fegenbush - 10-16-2012

I have reviewed the manual regarding the pi function on the 28S, but what I would like to do is not have to hit ->NUM every time I evaluate an expression containing pi. Is there a way to configure the approximation instead of the function?

Re: 28S Pi Functionality - Gerson W. Barbosa - 10-16-2012

36 CF does what you want. More at section 24 of the Owner's Manual, page 205. HTH.

Re: 28S Pi Functionality - Matt Fegenbush - 10-16-2012

That did the trick, thank you very much.

Re: 28S Pi Functionality - Nick_S - 10-17-2012

One may avoid the need to set the global flag to return numerical values by storing the program << ->NUM>> in a variable named PI.

You can then directly evaluate expressions like for example, '2*PI*5^2' or use the solver with symbolic expressions such as '2*PI*R^2' setting R to 5 and solving for EXPR= to obtain a numerical result.


Edited: 18 Oct 2012, 3:55 a.m.