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41CL and Card reader - Prabhu Bhooplapur - 10-16-2012

I have configured my 41CL with a V.3 board. 41CL is initialised and a CAT2 shows card reader as a peripheral. CLUT rom is plugged in 1U. After launching the Hepax a CAT2 shows Hepax, CLUTIL-2H etc but not the card reader. How do I overcome this situation? Thanks.

Re: 41CL and Card reader - Monte Dalrymple - 10-16-2012

It sounds as though you plugged something into page E, where the card reader resides. Perhaps some HEPAX RAM? This is not a good idea, as it will create a fight on the bus between the CL board and the card reader.

Re: 41CL and Card reader - Prabhu Bhooplapur - 10-18-2012

Hi Monte,
Is there any way of configuring the 41CL to have both HEPAX and card reader access? Thanks.

Re: 41CL and Card reader - Ángel Martin - 10-18-2012

There are dozens of ways to do that. Just use ports/pages different from "E", which is reserved for the Card Reader.

Bear in mind the HEPAX RAM has a variable number of pages. You can configure that using the HEPX4 (1x page), HEPX8 (2x pages), or HEPX16 (4-pages) functions of the POWERCL. Those pages are allocated sequentially, starting at the page# entered at the prompt - so take care that it doesn't reach "E".

Note that the current mapping and content of those pages will be overwritten with HEPAX RAM *blank* templates (!)

Once they're installed you can use HEPINI to actually configure the HEPAX File System, and assign XROM id# to the HEPAX RAM pages.

Edited: 18 Oct 2012, 7:41 a.m.