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HP-41 System DEMO - Ángel Martin - 10-07-2012

I recently acquired an old cassette tape on eBAY with most of the HP-41 System DEMO programs on it. Great stuff even if dated, more comprehensive than I though it would be - very broad (all system compnents are included) even if somehow a shallow scope.

My idea was to make a ROM image with all the programs on it, and of course share it with all interested as usual. Unfortunately some files are missing, and one of the files is corrupt.

The corrupt file is "GPIOX"

The missing labels are: "OUT", "O12", "O", "IN".

Would be great if somebody else had those and was willing to send me a copy - it'd be a really nice project, resurrecting this demo.


Re: HP-41 System DEMO - Sylvain Cote - 10-07-2012

Hello Angel,

The source listing is available in PDF format on TOS (IL Peripheral, System demo).


Re: HP-41 System DEMO - Ángel Martin - 10-08-2012

Thanks Sylvain, I should´ve known better and looked there!

Re: HP-41 System DEMO - Allen - 10-08-2012

Angel- a good find! I have some similar tapes with Burn in programs for the Video Interface and some other cool functions. If you are interested in some other demo programs from the HP marketing division, I've PDF-ized several here.

Re: HP-41 System DEMO - Ángel Martin - 10-08-2012

Allen thanks for the input - in fact I was wondering about that demo as well, but I cannot see any pdf´s in the link, is it buried in there?

The HPIL system demo is 35% transferred to ROM, it's a slow work but should become one of the the biggest ROMs, I reckon will reach 32k easily - in the same range with the Adventure games Module.

Would be nice to have yours in there as well. The two RAW files are rather small, there surely must be more to it, right?