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What about prices? - René Franquinet - 09-30-2012

Look at eBay object# 120990070741 and be astonished.

Re: What about prices? - Calum Tait - 09-30-2012

Just sold at €840. Amazing when two bidders drive the price astronomical. That is at least twice what I would have thought a 71B like this would have sold for.

Re: What about prices? - René Franquinet - 09-30-2012

Did you notice that the 71B had the latest firmware-version. All together with the HP-IL module plus 3 CMT modules ranging from 32K to 128K plus the adapter 82066B this isn't a bad price at all. And moreover the device was claimed to be in a pristine shape.

Edited: 30 Sept 2012, 10:50 a.m.

Re: What about prices? - Calum Tait - 09-30-2012

Yes I did notice the accessories and the condition. It just isn't a price I would have paid for the lot. Two bidders obviously thought different. On another day without those bidders looking it might have made much less. I see this all the time with many items at auction - not just with calculators. On one day a bargain is to be had while on another day, prices can be two or three times the estimate. It just takes two buyers with enough money and a desire to own the piece.

Re: What about prices? - Garth Wilson - 09-30-2012

I would expect that sold individually, the total price would be no less than that. If it all works perfectly, that's a great package to have. It just needs the math module and the Forth/Assembler IMO, and load in a ton of LEX files from the users' groups.

Edited: 30 Sept 2012, 3:19 p.m.

Re: What about prices? - René Franquinet - 09-30-2012

We always can find comfort in using an emulated HP71B and all the nice things built around it! I know, I know, it is not the same as a real Version 2CDCC with a couple of very much liked modules in it. I still regret having sold one in the nineties with some peripherals...

Re: What about prices? - Allen - 09-30-2012

I agree with Garth. The 64K RAM modules are hard to find, and necessary for certain functions using the CMT 71B EPROM programmer (and SoftFORTH). I think the price is acceptable and not abnormally high given the rarity, condition, and completeness of the included items.