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TI-58C Emulator now does RPN - Namir - 09-26-2012

Hi All,

I am glad to report that Pierre Houbert has added to his TI-58C emulator the ability to operate it in RPN. You will need to download at least one of three RPN skins to see the RPN-supporting keyboard. I have tried some basic operations and programming on the RPN mode (which you can switch from AOS). The emulators works fine. More advanced applications might reveal bugs.


Re: TI-58C Emulator now does RPN - Pierre - 10-05-2012

Hi Namir,

Thank you Namir for the relay of information about the emulator.

In homage to your emulator HP67 which helped me in the understanding of RPN, I have created two skins "HP67" for my emulator (AOS and RPN) and two themes "HP67".

I continue my quest...


Re: TI-58C Emulator now does RPN - fhub - 10-17-2012

Hi Pierre,

just a little note about your todays TI-58C update:

This time was the first time that the updated EXE didn't run (just gave an error message), until I found out that the problem was a missing 'TI58C.Mem' file.
Usually I delete this file if I want to remove all traces of previous calculation or settings, and until today all updates were also working without this file, they just created a new one at startup - but not the version of today.

Fortunately I still had the last version, so I could get it to work, but I guess this behaviour is not intended.