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Eric Smith is a very good sport - Namir - 09-26-2012

During HHC2012, Eric Smith won one of the top prizes. Since I was sitting close to the front, Richard Nelson asked me to register the names of the attendees who won the best prizes and their names. Moreover, Gene and Richard moved the prizes to the table where I was sitting. When Eric came to claim his prizes (a new HP-48GX in blister pack), I proceeded to spontaneous tease him about me holding on to his prize as a collateral until he makes good on the voucher I won from him many years ago at a past HHC. I was joking, yet Eric looked at me and asked me if he gave me his prizes, would that redeem the voucher. I said sure! I then turned to the cameras (as Jake Schwartz was video taping the conference) and declared to the camera that Eric's voucher has been fully redeemed to my satisfaction!!

After Eric sat down and the prizes were all given. I went to him to thank him for being a real sport. I gave him an HP-48G+ (in OK shape) that I had won as a gift, since I felt that one good turn deserves another.

So, Eric, thanks for being a super sport. I would like to acknowledge that in this community!


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Re: Eric Smith is a very good sport - Karl-Ludwig Butte - 09-26-2012

Hello Namir,

an HP-49GX ?? I've never heard of such a model - did I miss something or is this a new model soon to be officially released ?

Thanks for an update in advance.

Best regards


Re: Eric Smith is a very good sport - Namir - 09-26-2012


That was a typo. It is an HP-48GX. I corrected the original message. You did not miss anything.


Re: Eric Smith is a very good sport - Eric Smith - 09-26-2012

No problem. I'm sorry that we still don't have a calculator available for sale.

Thanks for the 48G+!

Edited: 26 Sept 2012, 3:40 p.m.