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it's not off topic... - db (martinez, ca.) - 09-20-2012

...if you're looking for the 41


Re: it's not off topic... - Maximilian Hohmann - 09-20-2012


You mean ... all this was controlled by an Hp-41 via HP-IL? Wow ;-)

These are really great pictures (higher pixel count anywhere?) of an era that went by far too quickly. A shame that "we" are now returning to 1950ies space capsules.


Re: it's not off topic...Until I say it's off topic! - Namir - 09-20-2012

Is that what INSIDE an HP-41CX looks like????!!! Wow!!! I knew that the machine was awesome!! Cool work HP!


(the village idiot)

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Link - db (martinez, ca.) - 09-20-2012

For anyone who hasn't seen these:
High Mileage HP 41 Calculators
Several people from here at the forum helped him with this. Be sure to click on the "see more" link at the bottom. There are also pages on the Elektronika, 48 & 65 in space.

Re: Link - Maximilian Hohmann - 09-20-2012


For anyone who hasn't seen these...

No, I haven't - thanks! Ernst Messerschmid (seen on board Spacelab in one of the pictures) supervised my diploma thesis (*) around 1986. He became a university professor in Germany after returning from space.

Regards - Max

(*) Today it would be called "Master's Thesis" but back then we had our good old trusted engineering diplomas...

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Re: it's not off topic... - Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen - 09-20-2012

Very impressive photo indeed!

BTW: Does anybody here know if the shuttles that was bought by US Universities will be electrical connected as in the photo? Also I wonder if the shuttles will open for visitors?

And where the h... is that HP-41?

Best regards


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Re: it's not off topic... - Juergen Keller - 09-20-2012

Do you mean that an HP-41 is pictured somewhere? I was looking for something shown in the picture below, but couldn't find it.

Re: Link - Ángel Martin - 09-21-2012

The article mentions NASA wrote their mission software into custom ROMs. Any idea of their whereabouts today, anyone?

Gosh those sure would reach high prices on eBAY if they were to be auction... ~!! How do you spell "peerless"??

Edited: 21 Sept 2012, 7:36 a.m.

Re: Link - aurelio - 09-22-2012

Many thanks