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[WP34S] Entry? <-CLX - Christopher Johnson - 09-13-2012

First I want to say the 34S is an incredible achievement and I take my hat off to all involved. You folks have pretty much made the impossible possible. I am not complaining nor bashing your hard work. These are just a few of my observations using this excellent device.

Ok, first one is just maybe that's the way it is or it had to be done that way.

The calculator is on and you pick it up. You are not sure what mode the display is in and you press back arrow to clear the display but there is not a alpha text displayed and instead it clears your current number. On the 41C if you press the back arrow and hold it you will get CLX followed by NULL. On the 34S it just clears the current number. For me somewhat brutal of the machine to do this. Just my $0.02

Second one is the ENTRY? command in a program. Is there anyway to clear the flag that an entry has been made without having to run a program? On the 41C if you turn the calculator off then on flag 22 is cleared. Or you can clear flag 22 or flag 23 manually.

Thank you again for all the hard work on this incredible calculator.


Re: [WP34S] Entry? <-CLX - Paul Dale - 09-13-2012

Number entry displays from the left of the screen, results display on the right. I guess there is some slight possibility of confusion here but you'd need to have entered a 12 digit number and be in a display mode that didn't change the appearance of this number when pressing ENTER. I don't know how difficult press and hold on the back space would be to implement -- I suspect it would need to be context sensitive given the number of uses that key has.

I don't think there is a way to clear the entry flag without running a program or at least damaging the current program state (return stack).

- Pauli

Re: [WP34S] Entry? <-CLX - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 09-14-2012

Whether <- will clear X or just remove a temporary message should be clearly indicated by the tiny RPN annunciator. If lit, <- acts as a delete function (either single digit or X). Temporary messages clear the annunciator. There used to be a glitch in the display code which did not set the annunciator correctly in all cases but this is fixed now.

Re: [WP34S] Entry? <-CLX - Walter B - 09-14-2012

For <- please read p. 115 :-)