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HP-30b discontinued? - Walter B - 09-08-2012

In an email of today, Richard Nelson claims the HP-30b being discontinued. Is there any further evidence for (or against) that claim? We've heard so often about its end - I doubt it, since I don't see any successor yet.

Re: HP-30b discontinued? - Reth - 09-08-2012

I have no any information about that, but it sounds logical, as an attempt to kill the WP-34S and further incarnations of it.

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Re: HP-30b discontinued? - Patrice - 09-08-2012

I should have missed something !

For every WP-34S, they sell a calc ! The more successful the WP-34S, the more they sell.


Re: HP-30b discontinued? - Mark Scheuern - 09-08-2012

Agreed, that would make no sense Plus, presumably they're selling them to people who want to use them as a 30b as well. And HP has them listed as in stock here.

Re: HP-30b discontinued? - Walter B - 09-09-2012

Ok, thanks for your responses. So it seems the number of reliable sources decrements by one.

Re: HP-30b discontinued? - Howard Owen - 09-09-2012

Richard has a long (40+ years) history of finding out what's really going on inside HP's calculator efforts. That doesn't mean he can't be mistaken, but I wouldn't count him out too quickly.

I wonder what might be in the wings as a replacement for the 30B? :) I'm not going to HHC this year, so I'll have to wait to find out like everyone else.



Re: HP-30b discontinued? - Patrice - 09-10-2012

20b and 30b are still on sell on French site

but it is possible than they have only stock to sell.


Re: HP-30b discontinued? - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 09-10-2012

AFAIK, the ATMEL processor is phased out and the manufacturer presses its customers to switch to a different chip. Any speculations about WP-34S in this respect seem ridiculous.

Re: HP-30b discontinued? - Katie Wasserman - 09-10-2012

I don't see that on the Atmel site, it looks like the AT91SAM7L128 is still in production. EOL of this chip would mean that all the ARM-based HP calculators would need to be re-worked or obsoleted, this would be particularly bad for the flagship HP-12C.

On the other had it would give the calculator guys a chance to fix the bugs.

Re: HP-30b discontinued? - Tim Wessman - 09-10-2012

The non-packaged part only unless I am remembering wrong.


Edited: 10 Sept 2012, 2:59 p.m.

Re: HP-30b discontinued? - Paul Dale - 09-10-2012

This doesn't bode well for the longevity of the 34S :-(

- Pauli

Re: HP-30b discontinued? - uhmgawa - 09-12-2012

The non-packaged part only unless I am remembering wrong.

I received feedback from Atmel about a year ago, captured
here relative to the
sam7 12c and 15c. The latter is/was being produced with a
minor pcb mod to accommodate the lqfp packaged sam7,
perhaps as a contingency to the die being EOL.
It was also the pcb version I'd used to derive the service
schematic. The accessible package should be
quite welcome to most anyone who finds they
have unfinished business inside.

No idea what sort of contracted agreement HP may have w/r/t
supply continuation of the die form. And while a modified 30b
pcb layout is pretty trivial, it will likely drag the
product again through the joys of regulatory approval in
its current markets.