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HP 49G emulator for android - Olivier De Smet - 09-08-2012

Go49g is now on google play:

  • Full memory (even flash), port 0, 1 and 2.
  • ROM 1.19-6.
  • Automatic save and load of state (ram and flash).
  • HP49G like skin or HP50G like skin.
  • Multi touch keyboard support, permits 'shift' down while pressing another key (ON+C, even ON&UP ... are ok).
  • Load/save to/from stack level 1 support (only object in IRAM).
  • Speed from x1 upto x20 (max depend on your android device).
  • HP82240 compatable printer as serial printer (touch right part of calc lcd) (in PRTPAR, set length of line as 23 or 24 characters, default is 80 producing bad formatting).
  • Flags help, full commands help (I hope so) (touch left part of calc lcd).
  • Clock synced with android time (Timers emulated, clock and ticks are ok).
  • Smooth hardware scrolling emulated.
  • Should work with at least 800x480 screen.

First release:

  • sound not supported.
  • no grayscale support.
  • serial only as printer.


Re: HP 49G emulator for android - JPP - 09-10-2012

Great emulator!
May I suggest to add haptic feedback (as an option) and bolder inscription on the keyboard that scale on big screen (like droid48) ?
Also the lcd could use all the width of the screen (so button menu are aligned).
Thank you again for this great app, the best emulator available on mobile for me!

Re: HP 49G emulator for android - Olivier De Smet - 09-10-2012

Haptic feedback is here, you just need to activate it in your device (try 'mute' and 'vibrate' mode) I use the general haptic behavior of the device.

For the width of the display, I prefer to have 'integer' ratio of zoom (looks better).

Yes I will try to had more skins for it, with bigger text.


Re: HP 49G emulator for android - JPP - 09-10-2012

Yes, it is working if I enable in the android system, but then the whole android interface has haptic feedback, I dislike :-(. Whould be nice to have an option that force haptic feedback in go49g... It is a detail though.
Thank you again.

EDIT speaking about lcd width: on my galaxy note you could use 786 (131 * 6) pixels instead of 655

Edited: 10 Sept 2012, 3:56 p.m.

Re: HP 49G emulator for android - John Abbott (S. Africa) - 09-11-2012

Hi Olivier, thanks this looks great. Are you planning a HP50g emulator?
Best Regards

Re: HP 49G emulator for android - Brian K - 09-11-2012

Nice app. I've been wanting an HP49/HP50 emulator for some time now, droid48 is super nice but I would like something that mirrors my day-to-day calculator (50g) better.

Unfortunately I have two bugs to report:

The "switch skin" appears to do nothing until you touch a key on the keyboard, and often only partially redraws the new skin.

The screen also appears to randomly stop updating, forcing me to close and re-open the app through the "force-close" system dialogs.

Re: HP 49G emulator for android - Olivier De Smet - 09-11-2012

Hi, I am aware of this behaviors, btw, did you have an android 2.3.x ?

Skins redraws bugs seem related to android 2.3.x, I don't have this bug with android 2.2.x nor 4.0.x.

Yes, the freeze of the screen is also on my list.

Re: HP 49G emulator for android - Brian K - 09-11-2012

I am running Cyanogenmod 9, which is 4.0.4.

Re: HP 49G emulator for android - Brian K - 09-11-2012

HP49G is 131x64, same as HP48g, correct?

A scaled full-width display looks quite nice in Droid48.

I'd personally prefer to see an unaliased/unfiltered screen like Droid48, the current display is ever so slightly fuzzy/blurry.

Per Olivier's recommendations for another bug, I disabled "Force GPU acceleration" in my Developer options, and the screen is no longer filtered.


Edited: 11 Sept 2012, 3:25 p.m.