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HP 49G print format - Solved - Olivier De Smet - 09-08-2012

While finishing an hp 49 g emulator for android, I stumbled on a strange behavior.

When printing in serial mode, PRLCD command send data compatable with the old HP82240 (visine) printer for graphic (ESC codes and so on).

But when using ON&UP shortcut, another format is used for graphic printing.

Did someone knows the differences about that ?

(a quick search on the HP49G(+) AUR did not give a result)

(BTW it's with a 1.19-6 rom)

Ok, got it (in looking in an old conn4x source code in delphi), it seems that ON&UP just dump horizontally a bitmap of the screen with a 128,87 2 bytes prefix.

Edited: 8 Sept 2012, 12:23 p.m.