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CMT RD-128 Manual - Philip Reagan (Texas) - 09-06-2012

Hello I just obtained a CMT RD-128. It is a solid state storage device that looks like a Tape drive on HP-IL but that's about all I know. I've only found 1 reference on this site from 2005 that helped me realize it was a storage device. Any one have a copy of the manual?


Re: CMT RD-128 Manual - Sylvain Cote - 09-07-2012

I do not have the manual neither the unit today but I had one in the 1980's and from memory all 41/75/71 HP-IL mass storage commands worked exactly as if it was the tape drive.

The name RD-128 was for RAM DISK 128KB if I remember correctly.


Edited: 7 Sept 2012, 12:17 a.m.