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Off topic: Scientist Mob - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 09-05-2012

29 Scientist

I think even *watching* the crowd would have been beyond amazing.

Re: Off topic: Scientist Mob - Namir - 09-05-2012

The group is awesome. As a chemistry-lover I think Marie Curie was very special. In a "romantic" way, we are the intellectual inheritors of these scientists. I feel often challenged to think outside the box and push the limits, even to small extents! If you want to see what I mean, come to HHC2012!!


Re: Off topic: Scientist Mob - Ethan Conner - 09-05-2012

A very elite group. Most of my physics books have this picture. As intelligent as this group is the photographer still couldn't get everyone to look at the camera. Lol...... I can hear it now "everyone! look here please! hold it.....hold it.....snap.....you in the top row! oh well i'm out of film....thankyou everyone we're done here."

Re: Off topic: Scientist Mob - Gilles Carpentier - 09-05-2012

There is Auguste Piccard in the upper left .... He was a great scientist who love science "in situ". I think he would have embarked on Curiosity

When Auguste Piccard landed with his balloon on a glacier, journalists gave him notice that it was very dangerous to venture into the stratosphere without mountaineering equipment! Piccard replied that if so he also would have take a tuxedo in the case he would have landed on the Palais des Festivals in Venice

Auguste Piccard

Entretien radio

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Re: Off topic: Scientist Mob - Eddie W. Shore - 09-05-2012

This is a beautiful picture. A job well done by mygrapefruit. Marie Curie blazed a trail for women in science. Glad to see Einstein!

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Re: Off topic: Scientist Mob - Manolo Sobrino - 09-06-2012

Meh... Those red and pink ties in 1927? Maybe Pauli (not in the picture) and Schrödinger would wear that, but Heisenberg...

Re: Off topic: Scientist Mob - BruceH - 09-06-2012

Agreed. Not so much colorized, as "changed to sepia with a splash of color on ties and hat bands".