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15C logos - Dallas Osborne - 08-31-2012

Just ran a short batch of 8 in de-ox silver. One is reserved for a member, but the rest... first come first serve. PM if interested.

Re: 15C logos - Giovanni Jimenez - 09-01-2012

I would like to get 2, if still available. How much are they, incl shipping to zip 08807 (NJ) ?

thank you !


Re: 15C logos - WaltMaken - 09-05-2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
I'm also interested in buying one of your HP-15C logos. How much, including shipping to 45409? Might be interested in 2, but likely only 1. Thanks

Re: 15C logos - WaltMaken - 09-06-2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012
Don't mean to bug you, but I'm definitely interested in buying one of your HP-15C logos, and time is slipping away. My email address is WaltMaken@gmail.com for your direct response. Just need to know the cost & delivery charges.

Re: 15C logos - Dallas Osborne - 09-07-2012

Sorry for the delay and your inboxes should now have messages for ordering!

Re: 15C logos - Dallas Osborne - 09-07-2012

All logos are sold.
Perhaps next batch I will do in 14ct gold!