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About HHC2012 - Patrice - 08-27-2012

Hi guys,

-Does anyone know if there is a side trip planned this year ?

-Since Saturday is a long day, it was said that a first meeting on Friday evening for registering and presentation would permit to save a couple hours on Saturday. Is it planned ?


Re: About HHC2012 - Gene Wright - 08-28-2012

Short answer? No, things will begin on Saturday morning as usual.

Basic reason is that the conference committee has a 1000 things to do and it just can't be pulled off like it seems.

I'm having my baptism by fire this year trying to arrange things as the local contact. If someone thinks it is easy to host a conference... please volunteer for next year. :-)

Re: About HHC2012 - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 08-28-2012

Gene, would you consider Buenos Aires as a possible conference site? :-))

Re: About HHC2012 - Gerson W. Barbosa - 08-28-2012

Great idea!

Re: About HHC2012 - Gene Wright - 08-28-2012


There are several considerations when picking a site.

1) Attendance. This year in Nashville, we are unlikely to have 70 people like the last couple of years. But, we should end up with about 40, including 5-10 who have never attended one before because of its southeast USA location. I am VERY happy that several of these people are attending this year! A conference needs 10-20 people for certain...

2) Committee. :-) Usually, the HHC committee handles USA conferences and the British club conferences in London. Anywhere else needs another committee.


Re: About HHC2012 - Patrice - 08-28-2012

Hi Gene,

Was not a criticism!

Just, side trip or not matters for hotel reservation.

And an early beginning on Friday evening was discussed last year as a possibility because Saturday is a very long day for every one.

please volunteer for next year. :-)

I get it, you want to come in France next year :)

If it is close to my place, the side trip is "Champagne cellars" and "Faux of Verzy".

If the local contact is JFG, it is Grenoble HP facility, with a side trip to CERN (you know, the place were they do antimatter for movies :)

Otherwise, we can blackmail HPMAD into being the local contact :) , here got entries to an HP facility.


Re: About HHC2012 - Gene Wright - 08-28-2012

No worries, Patrice! Was not taken as a criticism.

Side trips within an hour might be: Radnor Lake. Beautiful wildlife area within Nashville and about 4 miles from the hotel!



gallery of pictures:


Dyer Observatory is another option, perhaps for late Sunday night. 24" reflector in a big observatory building. Part of Vanderbilt University.

Another option is the Parthenon in Centennial Park. Much better condition than the one in Athens. :-)