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[WP34s] Latest ZIP package - fhub - 08-25-2012

That's mainly an info for Marcus:

There's a problem with the lastest wp34s_V3.zip from yesterday:

The emulator (and the calculator images) are up-to-date, but the files wp34s-lib.dat and wp34s.op are not.

This will definitely make problems when running any of the library files or compiling new programs, because the op-codes aren't correct anymore (i.e. don't match with the current builds).


Re: [WP34s] Latest ZIP package - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 08-26-2012

Thanks for the hint. Can you check again, please?

Re: [WP34s] Latest ZIP package - fhub - 08-26-2012

Seems to be ok now, at least the files match the current SVN versions. :-)