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ebay craziness again - Gene - 10-13-2002


This is an HP-35. What do you see to make it over $280?


Re: ebay craziness again - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 10-13-2002

Q: What do you see to make it over $280?

A:joe_oil (and comicbooks1)... :)


Re: ebay craziness again - Randy Sloyer - 10-14-2002

I think it rates in the same level of foolishness as this one:


A new high for a 32Sii? Gee, let me think (quick, give me a calculator) Thats only $0.59 per byte of programmable memory.

And at the going rate for a 48GX, it's only 21,866% more per byte.

Kinda makes 2102's seem cheap back in the '70's.

I am I missing something here? :-)

Re: ebay craziness again - joe_oil - 10-31-2002

Consider that HP is now HPQ.

Consider that the 1980-1990 line was superior in durability than anything since.

Consider that there are a limited number of these left in the world.

Finally, consider that HP calculators are so great that there is even a forum for discussion over the internet.

This is no crazier than the folks out buying up old Coke signs, coolers, etc. for thousands of dollars.