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15c logo - lucano66 - 08-20-2012

Is still available a member that made a new 15c logo?
I have my personal 15C with a very worn logo (most of silver out almost all black and I am searching for a replacement).

Thanks a lot!

Re: 15c logo - Gerson W. Barbosa - 08-20-2012

Here is Dallas Osborne's announcement, in case you missed it:


I've seen one of those and they look really nice. He made them in batches of twenty or so. Let's hope he'll chime in.

Re: 15c logo - lucano66 - 08-22-2012

Yes I'm searching it, but, the post is too old to reply and the mail of Osborne is private so i can't contact him.

Any help?

Re: 15c logo - Dallas Osborne - 08-27-2012

My apologies; I have been out of the loop for quite some time now. I will check to see if there are any more of the logos left. If not, then I may look at casting another batch.

Re: 15c logo - lucano66 - 08-30-2012

From my previous post you can see i'm searching for one.

Can give me more info?

Thank You!

Re: 15c logo - lucano66 - 08-31-2012

Here I'm !!!
I'm very intersted in one of your logo.

How i can contact you?


Re: 15c logo - Dallas Osborne - 09-07-2012

I just send you an email; you got the last one, Mate!