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HP41CX overlays and HP-IL (long) - Christof (Davis, CA) - 10-10-2002

My first question is pretty basic, how were the blank keyboard templates packaged and sold by HP? I'm trying to hunt some down and thought it would be easier if I had a part number or something. Alternatively, if anyone has a pile....

Second: I'm attempting to "upgrade" my old VW van. (VW's are very hackable) It currently has a mounted tadpole laptop and some assorted connections for sound and cd playing, but I'm thinking of adding an onboard loop.

Regardless of the control device (which will be either a 41 or a 75D or both, be even better if I can find a 75 no D somehwere)-

1. What ideas does anyone have for actual useful stuff to do? I've got ideas for light and accessory controls (this is a "westy", the camper version), some data recording (mileage, gas, oil) and maintenance tracking, and perhpas an interface to stero controls (that's very tough, as I would have to build and HP-IL/IR converter and decode the IR remote, or bypass the wiring for it at least.
While this is all about fun and making the van more worthy, I would like to point to actual uses. And I'm aware that I can do a lot of this easily with PC hardware, but I'm exploring low power use options and smaller scale buildouts.

2. I am not quite at a level to design some of what I want, and I'm not familiar enough with all the hp-il and 41 books out there to know if there aren't some plans for this. I can assemble most anything short of small SMD hardware (I tried, I'm sloppy, or I need a good temperature controlled weller instead of my voltage controlled stuff), and I know the theory of what goes on inside, but that's about it.

3. Not specifically for this project, but as a possible add on, I'd like to know if anyone ever did any work on controlling telescopes via HP-IL. I cna see ways to tie existing equipment into the 48 series, though I'd have to get all the pinouts sorted. (I know some models are controlled by rs-232)

4. Definitely related to this project, is it plausible to make an HP-IL to rs-232 conversion box cheaper than the $200 they seem to be selling for on ebay all the time?

(I've considered HP-IL over repeeater net, too. But I hav e no idea what I'd do with it)


Re: HP41CX overlays and HP-IL (long) - Andreas Stockburger (Germany) - 10-11-2002


do you mean


Best regards


Re: HP41CX overlays and HP-IL (long) - db (martinez, ca.) - 10-11-2002

good luck on the rebuild - just don't change the sticker on the back window.

Re: HP41CX overlays and HP-IL (long) - Christof (Davis, CA) - 10-12-2002

nah, the sticker stays. I may make an HP41 sticker to go beside it, though.

The data tracking codebase is fairly simple thus far, I think I'm going to start having that in there and add the HPIL devices "as I go".

Is there any set of plans or documentation floating around to build an RS232/HPIL interface?

Re: HP41CX overlays and HP-IL (long) - Raymond Del Tondo - 10-12-2002


> Is there any set of plans or documentation
>floating around to build an RS232/HPIL interface?

maybe Christoph Klug could be able to answer you on this question...



Re: HP41CX overlays and HP-IL (long) - Christoph Klug - 10-14-2002

Dear Christof,

it seems that Raymond Hellstern gives you the best response !

Much better than the IL/RS232 Interface is the HP82166A IL-Converter for hardware interfacing. For this device I developed two powerfully interface systems called I/O-Board and IL2000 system. Both are battery powered and includes the needed control input/output lines you need for your exotic car interfacing project. Also detailed documentation including HP-41 software routines and hardware circuit diagrams is availlable. Take this proved plattform and finish your application in short time !

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph