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Emu48 15th Anniversary - Christoph Giesselink - 08-07-2012

My download of Emu48 v1.0 is from August 5th, 1997. That's more or less exactly 15 years ago.

So I updated the now Emu48 15 Years Anniversary (1997 - 2012) page. The new classic Emu48 v1.53 version is available on it's product page.



Re: Emu48 15th Anniversary - Raymond Del Tondo - 08-07-2012

Congrats for one of the best contributions to the HP-48 (and derivatives) world:-)



Re: Emu48 15th Anniversary - Egan Ford - 08-08-2012

1+ and n+ for releasing as open source, where n -> oo.

Re: Emu48 15th Anniversary - Gilles Carpentier - 08-08-2012

Congratulation for this ... And happy birthday ;)

Emu48 is really a great tool. I use it both with HPUserEdit, with a 50G skin and it's quite perfect.