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HP 35 history - hpnut - 07-29-2012

Interesting article about the HP 35 design.


towards the end in footnote 2, there is a discussion about the women models :-)

Re: HP 35 history - Les Koller - 07-29-2012

Great article, great pictures, and a reference on the very bottom to hpmuseum!

Re: HP 35 history - Mike Morrow - 07-29-2012


BTW, it's a lot easier for the reader (especially those using smartphones or tablets) when URLs are inserted as clickable links: just like this.

Re: HP 35 history - Peter Murphy (Livermore) - 07-29-2012

... as described here:


using the format code [url: to precede the URL and ] to end it.

Re: HP 35 history - Ethan Conner - 07-29-2012

Thank you.

Re: HP 35 history - Les Koller - 07-29-2012

The ad showing the guy with calculator in pocket and slide rule in hand....looks like he's holding a Pickett N3-T - Power Log Exponential.

Re: HP 35 history - Mike Morrow - 07-29-2012

It's a lot easier to just click the LINK button below the message text composition box, fill the first box that comes up with the URL, then fill the second box that comes up with whatever short text is desired to be associated with the link.

Re: HP 35 history - Peter Murphy (Livermore) - 07-29-2012

Thanks for that.

Re: HP 35 history - Walter B - 07-30-2012

Please excuse my ignorance, but is there a way to get that article downloaded like I could download a pdf?

BTW, the lower five pictures are all labeled "calculator girls". What does the author want to tell us? ;-)

As PDF - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 07-30-2012

On OS X, you could just print to a PDF file.

Re: HP 35 history - Les Koller - 07-30-2012

This is kinda kludgy, but when the page you want is displayed on screen, you can hit PRINTSCREEN (most keyboards this will be CNTRL-BREAK). This will copy the entire page to the clipboard. Then, paste the clipboard in to the graphics package of your choice (Windows Paint works, and is on all computers)...I use Photoshop. From there you can crop out just the part you want. You can get all kinds of free software then to convert your saved file (bmp or jpg usually) to a PDF.

Re: HP 35 history - Jim Hughes - 07-31-2012


My name is Jim and Codex 99 is my site. The post about the HP-35 was fun to write and has turned out to be surprisingly popular, it was even linked to from some big tech sites and the son of the designer even sent me an email. But that you guys - people who actually know about what their talking about - like the post makes me very happy.

I've been using and collecting various HPs for about 20 or so years and have been a long time fan of HP Museum. I actually used my HP-35 to do some of the image size calculations for the post ;)

Re: HP 35 history - Les Koller - 07-31-2012

Another thing you can do is load the page from the web, then hit CONTROL A on your keyboard to select all, then FILE---SAVE AS----HTML and it will save a local copy of the page to your hard drive. I just did it in Firefox, works great. Should work in any browser. Not a PDF, but a good option anyway.

Re: HP 35 history - Les Koller - 07-31-2012

Great site! Thanks for coming forward to claim it. Good job.

Re: HP 35 history - Peter Murphy (Livermore) - 07-31-2012

Hi Jim,

And thanks for posting here about your beautiful Web site, codex99.com, which looks like a one-stop design education. I'm sending a link to Codex 99 to a bunch of friends and relatives who will love it as much as I do.

By the way, I still like the 1972 All-American HP-35 girl, teeth and all.