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A new firmware beyond 2.15 for 50g ever? - mr-scorpio - 07-23-2012

Hi All,
I have recently acquired a nice shiny Hp 50g (second hand but mint).
I've already managed to upgrade to the latest 2.15?

I've noticed that this firmware is dated Sep 2009 - nearly 3 years old. Yet when i examine the release notes it seems to have had a whole raft of bug fixes etc contributed via Hpcalc.org 's bugzilla site. Which is a great testament to HP listening to its users.

However it got me thinking, are bug fix & feature contributions still being submitted towards a yet to be released firmware for the HP 50g?, or are HP done with the 50g now? Which if so, is it therefore perfect & considered bug free, with no room for improvement?

Look forward to your answers.

Edited: 23 July 2012, 6:44 p.m.

Re: A new firmware beyond 2.15 for 50g ever? - Gilles Carpentier - 07-23-2012


I use a lot my HP50G with the v 2.09 ROM. It is a marvelous calc in RPL mode. I've no problem with it, so i never install the 2.15 version.

I have no hope for a new version of the ROM from HP with significant improvements. Imo the 2.09 ROM is fine. Potential improvements would concern the CAS but it seems that the people who worked on this projects have stopped many years ago.

However the 2.09 and 2.15 rom are very stable and quite bug free, but for sure there were room for new improvements.


Edited: 23 July 2012, 6:56 p.m.

Re: A new firmware beyond 2.15 for 50g ever? - Software49g - 07-23-2012


> or are HP done with the 50g now?

This is very much the case.

Unfortunately HP has not done *anything* for the 50g in over three years, so

personally I would not expect to much...

> considered bug free,

There are still some serious bugs in this machine, but I doubt that they will ever be


There is also no interest at all from HP in bug reports about the 50g.

> with no room for improvement?

There is definitive room for improvement.

Some suggestions where given by me at the last HHC 2011 in San Diego.

The presentation is available at YouTube

HHC 2011: HP 49g+ / 50g O.S. Extension Pack

Updating the 50g could be done quite easily, but again, there is no interest at all in doing anything for the 50g.

So the only improvements of the ROM are the final products that I am presenting

on my (improvable) home page.




Re: A new firmware beyond 2.15 for 50g ever? - Keith Midson - 07-24-2012

Given that HP have released the 39Gii with higher resolution display, you have to wonder whether this is going to be transferred to a new high end graphing calc (51G?) sometime in the near future. Perhaps there will be an announcement at HHC this year?