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HP42S graphics - Han - 07-19-2012

Does anyone know how graphics data are stored on the HP42S?


Re: HP42S graphics - Luiz C. Vieira (Brazil) - 07-19-2012


You mean converting the LCD contents into something like a series of bits (bytes) like what happens when we use LCD-> in the HP28S? If so, I confess I have never heard of it. Fact is that the LCD contents are (surely) mapped somewhere in RAM, and if anyone here have found a way to copy this area somewhere else and give it a name, then it could also be retrieved in a corresponding maneuver. Problem is that the HP42S has some fixed data types, and the largest ones are matrices, and they must have a known structure that might corrupt the LCD data regularity (I am kinda reasoning on the clouds, now...)



Luiz (Brazil)

Re: HP42S graphics - Raymond Del Tondo - 07-20-2012

Tracing AGRAPH with Emu42S should give someone hints;-)