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HP-71B versions - ED - 10-03-2002

Hi Guys

I have an HP-71B (May 1985 production) that I purchased for 28 pounds (British) with an HP-IL module attached and some HP-IL leads also. Was this a good price?

It is one of the so-called "metal back" issues, I know this as I have looked at the pictures of the HP-71B on this site and it is obviously a plastic back with no obvious screws (unlike my model).

Were there any other differences other than the back? How can I check the ROM version and such like?

Also where can I get a manual for the HP-71B without buying a CD? I'm not trying to get out of buying it but I haven't a credit card and by post to the US would be a big deal (with money orders and such like it will no dount double the price) - I am in the UK.

thanks guys

Re: HP-71B versions - Raymond Del Tondo - 10-03-2002


to get the version, type VER$ and hit ENDLINE.

As for manuals, maybe one of the other UK residents frequently here could help you.


Re: HP-71B versions - Chris Randle (UK) - 10-04-2002

I'm in the UK and I may be able to help in two ways.

1) Reassurance. I bought the CDs from Dave (Hicks) in the US, and they arrived very quickly with no extra charges. In my experience, this is just down to luck. Sometimes you get stung for import duty + VAT, sometimes not. It's quite a slim package, which might mean it's less likely to attract bureauocratic attention.

2) If you're really desperate, I can order for you with my credit card. This does raise some questions about trust both ways which I can discuss off-line with you (ed) if you want.

Re: HP-71B versions - Chris Catotti - 10-04-2002

I can accept cash in British Pounds or European Euros using the exchange rates at http://www.xe.net/ucc/

I could give Dave my credit card number.

The exchange rates at my bank and at PayPal I find rather painful. I would rather have cash in Euros or Pounds, than have to buy them at the bank.