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41CL auto turbo? - Paul Dale - 06-26-2012

I've just got back my upgraded 41CL (YFNZ 3b) and I'm wonder what the instructions are for setting turbo 50 on power on. The auto_turbo.pdf document is for a much earlier revision of the this module firmware and the internals seem to have moved around a bit. So do I still set:

FF9 must be changed to 03A3

or something different?

- Pauli

Re: 41CL auto turbo? - Monte Dalrymple - 06-26-2012

That location/data is still (and always will be) correct for what you want to do.

Re: 41CL auto turbo? - Paul Dale - 06-26-2012

Thanks for the quick response.

- Pauli