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Test HP-41C PPC ROM and STANDARD modules - Robert (Simi Valley) - 06-13-2012

How do I test a PPC ROM module and STANDARD module on a HP-41C calculator with QUAD memory and card reader?
I do not know how to use the HP-41C. It was my father-in-laws calculator. Please provide simple keystrokes if possible.

Thank you.

Re: Test HP-41C PPC ROM and STANDARD modules - Les Wright - 06-13-2012

With the modules plugged in, if you key in SHIFT CATALOG 2 (the SHIFT key is the gold one, the CATALOG command is over the ENTER key) you should see a listing of all of the programs in the module. Let it scroll through, or, if you want to control the speed, stop the scrolling with R/S and step through manually with SST.

The PPC ROM has hundreds of programs with two letter names, so in scrolling through you will be there for awhile! The STANDARD module has considerably fewer programs.

Basically, on the seminal 41C, the CAT 2 listing will present you with the module name followed by a listing of all of the program labels. The PPC ROM label is something like "PPC 1981" and the Standard module starts with something like "STRD 1A" or some other version. If you see these headers and a whole mess of program labels in your scrolling, I would bet that chances are good that the modules are fine.

Which is lucky for you. The PPC ROM in particular is coveted and could fetch hundreds on an auction site.

Other more seasoned HP41 users can help you out in testing the modules. There are hundreds of programs between the modules, so I don't think you can test them exhaustively.

Re: Test HP-41C PPC ROM and STANDARD modules - Frido Bohn - 06-14-2012

If you don't have any clues of the HP-41 and no manuals at hand try this site.

It provides you with the necessary basic functions of the calculator on line.