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USB-41 & ClonixConfig update (130612) - Diego Diaz - 06-13-2012

Hi all,

Mainly motivated by Angel's ClutilsBS and Library#4 developments, the ClonixConfig utility has been upgraded to allow handling of the second bank (v.3.5)

This also allows users to allocate Advantage module (only Bankswitched ROM pac from HP) in the most convenient page for their needs, as some of you had already requested.

The check box for Advantage has however been kept as a convenient shortcut.

Minor mods in the USB-41 82143A simulation manual to include the details regarding MAN/TRACE mode swapping and a few obsolete files removed are the most relevant changes in this update.

The new archive can be downloaded from this link; and soon will also show up on my web home page.

Hope you find it useful.

All the best.



Re: USB-41 & ClonixConfig update (130612) - Ángel Martin - 06-13-2012

Thanks Diego, now all those anxious folks can also burn the POWER_CL in their USB-41 modules :)

Just as of today it's available at TOS, in case you want to download it.


Re: USB-41 & ClonixConfig update (130612) - Les Wright - 06-13-2012

Diego, I have a physical Advantage Module, but I have long wished to burn the image into NoV-64 wherever I wish rather than where the tick box puts it. This is a fine development indeed.


p.s., did the misbehaving programmer arrive in your home mail yet?

Re: USB-41 & ClonixConfig update (130612) - Diego Diaz - 06-13-2012

Hi Les,

Thanks for the feedback, and glad to know you also find the BS enable feature useful.

I assume you already know, but just to point it out to any potential user, Lower page (L) of the Avantage must always be allocated into an even numered page, while upper (U) pages must be placed into banks 1 & 2 of the *immediate* (odd) numbered page.

Regarding the returned NoV-64/programmer set, I haven't checked with my friend in Spain yet, but since it's a few weeks since you sent it I'm confident it will have arrived already. Will let you know otherwise.

Cheers from the Caribbean Sea.


Re: USB-41 & ClonixConfig update (130612) - Frido Bohn - 06-14-2012

Hi Ángel,

thank you for sharing your great module!

I downloaded the ROM from TOS and got a MOD file. After I extracted the ROMs out of it I got "-POWERCL BS.ROM" and "outside Page(UC).ROM".

How should these ROM files be arranged accross the pages of the HP-41 ports to get them work properly?



Re: USB-41 & ClonixConfig update (130612) - Les Wright - 06-17-2012

Diego, I look forward to learning where the flaw was, mostly to settle my mind that I didn't break anything. The replacement worked so well out of the box. I think we are pretty sure the programmer is faulty, as it wouldn't erase the module. I have learned with the replacement that erasing the ROM proceeds swiftly and completely. That was was the step that wasn't proceeding with the malfunctioning set.


Re: USB-41 & ClonixConfig update (130612) - Diego Diaz - 06-17-2012


That was (is) the point with your previous programmer unit: it does program but does not erase.

Since the microcontroller is "erased" from factory, I didn't noticed when I first program your NoV-64 prior shipment.

Now (and "thanks" to the failure detected on it) I double check every programmer by programming, erasing, erase check and re-program.

One can always learn from errors... ;-)