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CLReader.exe - Raymond Wiker - 06-11-2012

... can be found at github. This is used for exporting data/code from the HP41CL, using YEXP.

Note that you have to compile CLReader.exe yourself, using whatever version of the .NET framework is installed on your Windows machine.

Re: CLReader.exe - Ángel Martin - 06-11-2012

Just grabbed it, will give it s try tonight.

Thanks much Raymond!

Re: CLReader.exe - Ángel Martin - 06-11-2012

Works like a charm! - once I got the .CS script properly formatted and compiled, which was "fun" to say the least :=)

This is great Raymond, it completes the CL functionallity with full circle serial transmission, many thanks!

Re: CLReader.exe - John Abbott (S. Africa) - 06-12-2012

Thanks Raymond. I will try this soon.Appreciate your efforts.
Best Regards

Re: CLReader.exe - Raymond Wiker - 06-12-2012

Hint: If you click on the file link (CLReader.cs), then on the tab marked "Raw", you'll get the actual file which you should then be able to save without having to do any reformatting.