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Farewell, Ray Bradbury! (NT) - Walter B - 06-07-2012


Re: Farewell, Ray Bradbury! (NT) - Gilles Carpentier - 06-07-2012

RIP. I love this man, I love his "martian chronicles" !

Some times ago, I read an excellent interview of him in "Le Monde" (about women, books, SF...). I was impressed by his enthusiasm, humor, light and deep, so dark and optimistic at the same time ... So American and by some parts so French. A kind of Jules Verne of the XX century...

I have not the link on the "Le Monde" article, but I remember he spoke about internet like here :


"Yahoo called me eight weeks ago,” he said, voice rising. “They wanted to put a book of mine on Yahoo! You know what I told them? ‘To hell with you. To hell with you and to hell with the Internet.

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Re: Farewell, Ray Bradbury! (NT) - Luiz C. Vieira (Brazil) - 06-07-2012

Sad to know about it...

Thanks (in a respectful way, of course) for sharing the (bad) news. Of course, his legacy prevails, and I very much like SciFi reading, but it saddens me the missing.


Luiz (Brazil)

Re: Farewell, Ray Bradbury! (NT) - Namir - 06-07-2012

Was it him that did a horror scifi episode where American astronauts were using TI calculators to dock with the Russians in space. That we pretty scary stuff!!!


Re: Farewell, Ray Bradbury! (NT) - Matt Agajanian - 06-07-2012

He will be missed greatly BUT he left a magnificent legacy.

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Re: Farewell, Ray Bradbury! (NT) - Les Bell - 06-07-2012

I loved his books, which were among the early influences that steered me towards a career in science and technology.

See http://www.lettersofnote.com/2012/06/all-of-my-friends-were-on-shelves-above.html


--- Les