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[41CL] CLUTILS HEPAX - Kerem Kapkin (Silicon Valley, CA) - 06-05-2012

CLUTILS is a great utility for 41CL! Thanks Angel!

Eploring more with the HEPAX module loaded in the 41CL instead of using the NoV64, I used the HEPAX initialization and configuration programs in the CLUTILS which makes it very fast and convenient.

However I noticed the following: The 4K Hepax configuration command in CLUTIL-2E was "HPX4" forum link

However on 41CL CLUTILS-2H the command is "HXP4" instead of "HPX4". I think they are the same and it is just a typo, but didn't read mentioned here before. Since also experimenting with patching, I think this can be safely patched, right?

Re: [41CL] CLUTILS HEPAX - M. Joury - 06-05-2012

I noticed that as well. If we get confirmation from Ángel that it is safe to patch (I should think it is) I will also do so.



Re: [41CL] CLUTILS HEPAX - Ángel Martin - 06-06-2012

Hi, and "alopogies" - just kidding, , apologies for this glitch. Yes it's completely safe to patch it, but I'd rather toss version 2H and use 4H instead - it's much more complete and (appears to) have all functions spelled correctly :-)

If you do, remember to also load the Library#4.


PS. the Bank-switched version is ready to go. It's also a Library#4-aware module so you can start practicing with CLUTLS_4H to get familiar with things.

PSS. I have removed functions YWALL and YRALL from the POWERCL - they are not compatible w/ the V3 CL board - be aware!!

Edited: 6 June 2012, 7:27 a.m.

Re: [41CL] CLUTILS HEPAX - M. Joury - 06-06-2012

Thanks Ángel,

I have started using 4H but I also use some of the functions with my regular CV and so I will patch the 2H version for use on that machine. I think those functions are available in other ROMs (BLCAT for example) but since I am used to the CLUTILS ROM I continue to use it.