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HP41CX mint - lucky 7? - Tom (UK) - 09-23-2002

One dealer is selling these off in the UK as a Dutch Auction, 2 lots of 3. A recently registerd name of 'wetblujob' (very funny - not) is currently bidding for all 6 on a bid of $250.

The only other purchase by the above account is...

A HP41CX (mint) for ... $400! (from the same dealer)

My 2 cents worth is that there are more of these than I first thought (50+?) and that this has NOT depressed prices!

Will these units re-appear on ebay later for bigger bucks (I can't see a reason to want 7 of these) so a dealer or perhaps an investor?

I heard that Air France used them on concord - so perhaps an agent is buying them up for a comercial set up. Or is NASA behind this one???

PS These calcs were originally listed at 50 pounds 'buy it now', I wonder how much the dealer paid for them? At $400 each he will have a very good xmas!

Re: HP41CX mint - lucky 7? - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 09-23-2002


Have a look here and tell me about it...


Re: HP41CX mint - lucky 7? - Emmanuel - 09-23-2002

"I heard that Air France used them on concord - so perhaps an agent is buying them up for a comercial set up."
Air France flight engineers use HP-41 for motor power calculations. Last year before a tragical crash near Paris one asked Joe Rigdon to fix some of their HP-41s.

Re: HP41CX mint - lucky 7? - Christof (Davis, CA) - 09-23-2002

YIke! 50 pounds!!?!?!?

I wish I'd seen that. I'm afraid I succumbed to temptation and paid a bit more for one that that (not on ebay, though)

I dunno, it's worth it to me to finally have one of these without having to worry about repairs and corrosion and etc. I've been trying to figure out how to grab another for about 6 months now (I used one a bit in the navy, but that was back when I owned a brand new 95LX, so it's been a while)

I feel a bit bad that I didn't get a great deal, but I feel good that I got one at all. I *do* wonder how many were out there. Maybe we should band together and find a batch of a dozen going for 50pounds each, eh?

Re: HP41CX - a new supplier?? - AshP - 09-23-2002

Well, I suppose that it's promising news that HP are still appointing people to be official suppilers. However, this is the company that was flogging of 41's recently at £250 a throw.

We wait to see if going to be anything to 'officialy supply' in future.

Just to make you drool... - Dave Mabry - 09-23-2002

It is true that they were 50 pounds at first. Take a look here.

I don't think you can see the "winners" unless you are one on this kind of e-pay ad, but I was able to snatch one of them at this price.

But, there was shipping added to it. ;-)

Total was $110 and about 7 weeks wait (must have been a really slow boat).

Re: HP41CX mint - lucky 7? - Iqbal - 09-23-2002

I saw a documentary on CNN a couple days ago, about predicting hurricane paths and a pilot was using an HP41. I got one of these NIB on ebay for $250 which I consider a deal. It's a chance of a lifetime I guess, because whatever happens at HP, one thing is sure, we'll never see this type of quality again.

Re: Well actually you can see who bought them ... - HP-41CX Man - 09-23-2002

One of them TAYTEC, is right now
the ones he bought in August for $400!

Here he

bought 1

and here he

bought 3
more ...

- HP-41CX Man -

Re: Well actually you can see who bought them ... - Rick - 09-24-2002

While that might be true, he hasn't sold any at the $400 price. One went for $300, but all those listed at $400 were eventually relisted.

Re: HP41CX mint - lucky 7? - Gordon Dyer - 09-24-2002

I was lucky enough to buy one at £50 (I am in the UK).
The keyboard is not at crisp as my 41CV fullnut which is disappointing, but otherwise it is excellent.