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THE BOOK of Geoff - Walter B - 05-31-2012

Hi Geoff, all,

Once upon a time there was a book project you were working on. Maybe I simply missed the news, but what happened to it? I don't see anybody mentioning it anymore, so was it canceled? Or is the first edition sold out already? :-?

TIA for enlightenment :-)

Re: THE BOOK of Geoff - aurelio - 05-31-2012

Hi Walter, Geoff, all!

Good question, maybe Geoff is working to insert a thirteenth chapter...to the book............
I suggest "how to repair cracked posts in HP calculators just wondering it and just looking at them so long and
intensely..............I did it and they should, at least, be scared !!!!!!!

Excuse me for the OT but four minutes ago I glued the third (!) attempt on this machine (the wiring wrap method) and I'm crossing two
fingers to call a lucky star!

Humor apart, Walter me and all the forum people, I'm sure, are waiting for your precious BOOK...Go Geoff, Go.........

Edited: 31 May 2012, 3:59 p.m.

Re: THE BOOK of Geoff - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 05-31-2012

AFAIK, he just hasn't finished it yet.

Re: THE BOOK of Geoff - Gerry Schultz - 05-31-2012

The last thing I remember about Geoff's book was that at HHC 2011 he was making a list of people interested in purchasing a copy of the book. I assume that when it's ready he will notify everyone on the list. Perhaps at HHC 2012, there will be a surprise announcement!

Hey, Geoff! I still owe you a dinner.


Re: THE BOOK of Geoff - Joerg Woerner - 05-31-2012

No Dinner here, just a Navtronic 1701 ;-=))