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[WP-34S] Micro projector ever? - Chris Tvergard - 05-31-2012

So if printing is not so hot can we ever build-in a micro projector so we can see the regs. on the desk surface, ceiling, or so?


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Re: [WP-34S] Micro projector ever? - Walter B - 05-31-2012

I'm afraid this is really off our specs. You may connect to a computer and/or a printer, that's it.

Re: [WP-34S] Micro projector ever? - Chris Tvergard - 05-31-2012


Perhaps so, and you are one of the great WPM masters, but perhaps the printing LED could send to a separate pocket projector like I see in cellphones. I am desparately trying to open up my beloved WP-34S to my real world and just perhaps someone out there has his/hers light bulb moment? Let's face it, the I/O is a real world issue.


Re: [WP-34S] Micro projector ever? - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 05-31-2012

You can always run the emulator over a beamer.

Re: [WP-34S] Micro projector ever? - Chris Tvergard - 05-31-2012


Thanks, but I was hoping to not carry an Ultrabook around.

What is not possible today may well be tomorrow and the way you guys keep improving your now world famous baby one never knows. Is it a physical impossibility to go backwards through the LED & then to the regs. using the current Atmel?


Re: [Android phone] Micro projector ever? - Nick_S - 06-01-2012

The Samsung Beam i8520 phone has a built in pico projector and runs the Android operating system. So you should be able to project a running an emulator from that, e.g., HP-48, 41, 34c are all covered.


Edited: 1 June 2012, 4:50 a.m.

Re: [Android phone] Micro projector ever? - Chris Tvergard - 06-01-2012


I thought I had seen that somewhere as a phone projecting pictures onto your hand. I was hoping for some small gadget half the size of a small box of matches which I could hold in front of the IR and it would project my (1,100) array onto my palm. It would certainly be faster than iterating through the array one by one at .3 sec intervals PSE. Something tells me regrettably that unless it also could be used as a visual magnifier for school science use the market for my 34Spotlight may be below production threshold.

Thanks for your response.