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HP-IL beginners question - John Abbott (S. Africa) - 05-28-2012

Hi, being very new to the world of HP-IL and the HP71, I have a real "newbie" question:
If my HP41 is connected to both the HP71 and a printer, can I print from the
HP71 to the HP41 connected printer?
Thanks and best regards

PS: If this is possible, is it easy enough once the manuals are read.

Edited: 28 May 2012, 4:21 a.m.

Re: HP-IL beginners question - Eric Smith - 05-28-2012

Generally speaking, no. The HP-41 always wants to be the loop controller, unless it has an HP-IL Development module. There are two cases to consider.

If the printer is a non-HP-IL printer, such as the 82143A or the infrared printer (82240A/B with 82242A infrared printer module in HP-41), then doing this would require having an HP-IL development module, and writing a program for the HP-41 to act as an HP-41 device rather than controller, emulate an HP-IL printer, and print to the non-HP-IL printer.

If the printer is an HP-IL printer, such as the 82162A, 82905B, or 2225B, then you'd still need the HP-IL Development module, to prevent the HP-41 from acting as the loop controller, so that the HP-71B could talk to the HP-IL printer directly.

Re: HP-IL beginners question - John Abbott (S. Africa) - 05-28-2012

Thanks Eric. I have a 82240B printer with a82242A IR module.
This sounds rather complicated for a HP-IL beginner!
Thanks for your help

Re: HP-IL beginners question - Eric Smith - 05-28-2012

Unfortunately there's no easy way to use the 82240 with the 71B.

I vaguely recall having seen an article or paper about someone adding an IR LED and associated circuitry to a 71B, and driving the IR printer, but now I can't find it.

Re: HP-IL beginners question - Geoff Quickfall - 05-28-2012

Hi Eric

Now that is one article I would like to see. Can you forward it to me if you find it.

Cheers, Geoff