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USB support for the 48GX? - Matt Agajanian - 05-25-2012

Hi all,

I'd like to add the 48GX back into my collection. Although I've got the 50G which, although drops support for the 48 expansion cards, the 50G adds and a whole bunch more on top of the 48GX. But, would there be cabling and software support for USB and Macintosh running either OS 9.2.2 or OS/X (10.4.11)? That way, I could use a 48GX with data storage and archival capabilities?

Re: USB support for the 48GX? - Eric Smith - 05-25-2012

I've used USB-serial adapters with the 48SX and 48GX without any trouble. I had best results with the adapters using the FTDI chipset, and certain models of Keyspan, and mixed results with the Prolific chipset.

I just used an ordinary terminal program. I'm not aware of any special software for MacOS.

Re: USB support for the 48GX? - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-25-2012


there exist several simple solutions for connecting an HP-48GX to a PC through USB using a serial-2-USB converter.

I use a Sitecom CN-116 with a normal HP serial cable, and the custom made USB cable from teknovo also works well.

These days, you can even hook up an HP-41 to a PC via USB using a PIL Box, thanks to J.F. Garnier and Christoph Giesselink:-)



Re: USB support for the 48GX? - Matt Agajanian - 05-25-2012

Thanks for the Keyspan remind. I forgot about them.

Re: USB support for the 48GX? - Tom Sauntry - 05-26-2012

I purchased an HP-48G to PC USB interface cable that works fine. I believe that I purchased it on eBay. eBay is currently showing a similar cable, although mine does not have LED indicators. Search eBay for what you want.

I run the HP Connectivity kit on my iMac in a Parallels partition for Windows 7.