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HP-28S surpasses US$280 mark - David Tan (Singapore) - 09-20-2002

The previous record, US$265, set just more than a week ago, has been broken by this one!

Re: HP-28S surpasses US$280 mark - Scoba Diver - 09-20-2002

Was it on eBay?

Can you post a link? I didn't see it!

Re: HP-28S surpasses US$280 mark - David Tan (Singapore) - 09-21-2002

I just want to leave it here for your discussion:

Re: HP-28S surpasses US$280 mark - Scuba Diver - 09-21-2002

Ah, now I see why I couldn't find it; I was only searching items available in Canada or where the seller is willing to ship to Canada...in that particular case, they were only willing to ship to the US.

Maybe it's the 5 books that are included...I realize that 3 of them are available on Dave's CD set, but if people don't know that, they may be willing to pay through the nose...

I have an extra 28S...maybe I should throw it up on eBay and see what it fetches...

NIB 28S on eBay - Scuba Diver - 09-22-2002

Did you see? Someone is selling a NIB 28S on eBay...it's a 1991 Singapore unit.

I don't even want to THINK about how much that unit's going to go for!