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[WP34s] console version - fhub - 05-15-2012

I've already posted some time ago that the keyboard layout of the WP34s console version is quite uncomfortable, especially for a German keyboard it's almost unusable.

Since I don't want to bother Pauli or Marcus to write such an extra version which allows a different keyboard layout, I've now tried it myself.

The problem is that I've only very limited skills in 'C', so I'm not sure if my extended version of 'console.c' is really working.

What I've done is adding a new variable 'k' which is 0 by default (for the standard keyboard) and 1 for my own layout (which is quite similar to the Windows emulator). The function key F1 switches between these 2 layouts.

One problem of my code may be the handling of function keys (arrow keys, Ins, Del, F1), because I'm not sure if it works in 'C' the same way as I know it from Pascal/Delphi.

These special function keys should return 2 bytes, the first is 0 (or 224) and the second is the keycode. So I've used the following code in 'C':

c = GETCHAR();
if ((c == 0) || (c == 224) {
c = 256 + GETCHAR();

Since I have no 'C' compiler currently, it would be nice if Marcus or Pauli could try to compile a console version with my modified 'console.c' and check if my method is working.

I've uploaded this console.c (incl. a table of my layout) here:


It should work by just replacing the original console.c by my version and then make a compile of the console version wp34s.exe.

If everything is ok, then it should work exactly as the original wp34s.exe, only after pressing F1 the new keyboard layout should be active (and F1 again to return to the standard layout).


Re: [WP34s] console version - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 05-16-2012

I'm on a four day vacation. Maybe Pauli can help. The problem is that Pauli isn't using Windows.

You can try to install visual C Express, but obviously not on your W98 system.

Re: [WP34s] console version - fhub - 05-16-2012

I'm on a four day vacation.

Aaah, then happy holidays! :-)

There's no hurry ...
Maybe Pauli can help. The problem is that Pauli isn't using Windows.

How could he make integration builds then?

Re: [WP34s] console version - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 05-16-2012

He logs on into a system I've set up for remote access.

Re: [WP34s] console version - Paul Dale - 05-16-2012

Marcus has a build server I can access to create images and submit them to subversion. Like a good monkey, I've been trained to type the three required commands in sequence.

It is extremely painful for me to do anything else on this machine -- it is half way around the world and the lag is in seconds. Not knowing much about how to navigate a DOS command line doesn't help either.

- Pauli