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HP & TI in the 70's revisited - Palmer O. Hanson, Jr. - 05-11-2012

The earlier thread discussed matchups between machines from the two companies. I found the following description of how leaders of the two user groups saw it as written by Richard Vanderburgh in 52 Notes:

I have discussed the idea of friendly competition with Richard Nelson and we have agreed to give it a try. Machines which would generally be matched as follows: SR-52 vs HP-65 or HP-67; SR-52/PC-100 vs HP-97; SR-56 (without printer) vs HP-25; although other combinations may be appropriate.

Re: HP & TI in the 70's revisited - John W Kercheval - 05-12-2012

Interesting. In the 70s, TI was the undisputed leader. It reigned supreme in the calc world. Even JR Ewing in the "Dallas" episodes used a TI handheld & PC.

Then, for no known reason. Things changed.