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->H and ->H.MS for the WP-34S - Tom Grydeland - 05-10-2012

Hi there,

I had somehow hoped that these functions would be part of the WP-34S' repertoire, but I fail to find them. Even more confusingly, the f-shifted functions "H.MS" and "H.d" do something similar and something not even similar, respectively.

These are functions I had expected to be keyboard accessible, given the printed labels, but now I cannot find them at all. Am I missing something? Am I the only one to use such functions regularly?

(Edit: Found it. [->][f][H.d] and [->][f][H.MS], respectively. Any reason these are not in any of the catalogues?)



Edited: 10 May 2012, 6:53 a.m. after one or more responses were posted

Re: ->H and ->H.MS for the WP-34S - Paul Dale - 05-10-2012

These are there and mentioned in the manual.

[->] f-shift H.MS and [->] f-shift H.d

- Pauli

Re: ->H and ->H.MS for the WP-34S - Walter B - 05-10-2012

Any reason these are not in any of the catalogues?

Please see the top of page 10 :-) Background: the WP 34S features an innovative prefix -> allowing for a bunch of conversions without wasting label space.

Re: ->H and ->H.MS for the WP-34S - M. Joury - 05-10-2012

Now that I am used to this approach I quite like it. I did have to dig into the manual a couple of times--when I first used the feature and then again after being away from the calculator a while.

Thanks for all the great work!