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SpeedUI 12.02 released:-) - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-09-2012

Hello all,

here's a new release for SpeedUI.

SpeedUI 12.02 fixes some bugs and adds some new features.

See RelNotes.txt for details.

All older versions of SpeedUI have to be uninstalled

prior to installing SpeedUI version 12.02 .

For installation/uninstallation, please take a look into

StartHere.pdf supplied with the latest SpeedUI archive.

The new version is available here:

http://www.hpmuseum.org/guest/deltondo/speedui.pdf (Walkthrough PDF)

http://www.hpmuseum.org/guest/deltondo/sui_1202.zip (SpeedUI zip archive)

and on www.hpcalc.org once the site will be updated.

The walkthrough pdf has not been updated to the newest release yet,

but that will follow soon...

Have fun:-)


Re: SpeedUI 12.02 released:-) - John W Kercheval - 05-09-2012

May I know what SpeedUI is?

Re: SpeedUI 12.02 released:-) - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-09-2012

Yes, of course.

It's _the_ software Turbo for the HP-48 G+ and GX :-)

For an overview, please take a look at the WalkThrough pdf addressed in the initial post.


Re: SpeedUI 12.02 released:-) - bluesun08 - 05-09-2012

Is there a SpeedUI version, which runs on 48SX ?

Re: SpeedUI 12.02 released:-) - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-10-2012

Sorry, SpeedUI only runs on the HP 48 G+ and GX , or a memory-expanded G.

The three most important libs CF.LIB , UI.LIB and UFL.LIB sum up to about 66KiB,

and the implementation of the ROM-based UI features of the SX is different to the G series.

With some effort, some of the libs could be made S Series compatible,

but since I don't use the SX anymore, that would be nonpaid work for a machine I don't use.

I use the 48GX, and I strongly recommend switching to the HP 48G Series,

because nearly everything is better in the G Series, except maybe the color schema;-)

And there will be updates for SpeedUI in the future:-)

Re: SpeedUI 12.02 released:-) - Michael Lopez - 05-11-2012

Thanks Raymond for all your hard work & ongoing development of SpeedUI.

I run it on most of my HP 48G series calculators & find the speed improvement & additional features worthwhile.



Re: SpeedUI 12.02 released:-) - bluesun08 - 05-13-2012

Is there any stack accelerator which i can use with HP 48SX ?